Cheryl Gibbs Binkley,

is a 3rd Millennium Teacher

Cheryl’s teaching career in public schools started in 1998, so it only seemed appropriate to reflect on education issues as they arose across the beginning decades of the new thousand year calendar, the 3rd millennium of the common era, a time of exploding technology, and intense change and controversy in K-12 and higher ed.

She taught English and Theatre at two highly diverse and working class public high schools from ’98 until the end of 2016 academic year and followed that with a couple of seasons as a University Supervisor to student teachers. She also served as an English adjunct instructor for several years at Northern Virginia Community College, still tutors on a limited basis. and is a writer and activist.

Her professional credentials include an M.Ed. in Learning and Emotional Disabilities from the University of Virginia, and so many graduate school hours her mother sometimes introduced her as “my daughter the perpetual student.” She holds four professional teaching certifications from the state of Virginia and an Advanced Academics Certificate from Fairfax County Virginia.

Her writings, besides this blog, includes numerous free-lance for-hire topics and three curricula and teacher training handbooks. Before public school teaching, she served as a Director of Religious Education and graduated from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

More recently, she is mostly known as a member of Badass Teachers Association and a member of the Virginia Educators United strategy team. She also serves as president of her local education association retired group.

She lives in northern Virginia with her husband and her Johnson American Bulldog, Bear.

She can be contacted at: cheryldgb@gmail.com